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Girlfriend Tied To Bed And Blindfolded Gets Fucked Hard

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

This blindfolded girlfriend has had her limbs tied to the four corners of her bed and is wearing a blindfold so that she can’t see what her perverse Dom has in store for her. Running his fingers along the length of her body he salivated to himself at the prospect of what was to come. He allowed himself to indulge for a moment lightly frigging his captive’s pussy before moving up her body to pinch her nipples hard tweaking and twisting them whilst his bound submissive winced with pain.


Removing his clothes he positioned himself over and pushed his cock into her still dry pussy. She gasped at the uncomfortable sensation of being fucked at such an early stage.  She tried to adjust herself underneath him but her master placed his hand around her throat and gripped her holding her in place as he continued to fuck her dry pussy. She writhed and tried to escape but was unable too.  She was forced to wait until her Dom had finished fucking and finally, spunked his load inside her before her ordeal was over.

You can see the submitted pics from this bondage couple at Amateur Tied.

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Tied Up Slave Gets Fucked Hard With Big Dildo

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

With her legs tied high in the air and her hands handcuffed to the frame of her bed this slave girl is left totally exposed and helpless as her master takes pictures of her gaping cunt and asshole.  Reaching for her favourite dildo he slams it into her hard filling her pussy as he rams it in to the hilt. He pulled it back out and again slammed it deep inside her juicy pussy which by now was totally soaked.  She may be in a humiliating predicament but this slave slut gets off on being dominated by her man and even loves his more sadistic side as he regularly tortures and punishes her which she laps up like an obedient little slave fuck slut.


See all the pictures from these BDSM fans only at Amateur Tied.

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Girl Tied To A Tree, Fucked, And Takes A Bukkake

by on Oct.24, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

This filthy slut was more than willing to take part in this outdoors gangbang in a park.  Four men surround her after tying her to the trunk of this tree.  They each fidget with their own cocks, wanking off around her before pulling her panties to the side and fucking her with their fingers.  The lead male turns her round and fucks her hard against the tree before pushing her to the ground as the group close around her wanking themselves off furiously before erupting in unison and showering her with masses of warm fresh ejaculate!


See this tied up submissive slut take a bukkake at Amateur Tied.

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Sexy Wife Tied Up In Harness Then Fucked

by on Oct.24, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

With leather straps around her ankles and ropes tying and hoisting her legs open high and wide this slut enslaved and restrained wife prepares herself for her masters cock.  She can’t wait for him to fuck her and fuck her hard he does. You can see all the pictures submitted by this amateur bondage couple only at Amateur Tied.


There are many more enslaved wives living in bondage and photographed at Amateur Tied

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Submissive Wife Tied On Floor, Spanked Then Fucked

by on Oct.24, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

Shoved to the ground by her physically imposing master this submissive wife is forcibly restrained with her hands tied above her head. She is made to bend over whilst her master beats her ass hard with his special spanking paddle.  Her butt cheeks swelled and glowed crimson from the spanking.  He then stuffed her pussy with a large egg shaped dildo which almost vanished inside her.  He demanded that she push it out which she managed to do but then his cock immediately replaced the sex toy inside filling her cunt again and fucking his slut slave sub so hard that her face and forehead banged repeatedly against the floor!


This couple are one of many who contribute to Amateur Tied regularly. Be sure to stop by and download their bondage picture collections.

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Handcuffed Escort Gets Fucked Hard

by on Oct.23, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

This hot call girl got fucked good when she agreed to some light bondage with her client.  Handcuffing her hands behind her back he restrained the slut then shoved her face deep into the shitty motel pillow.  Her groans were muffled by the pillow jammed into her mouth her teeth biting down on it as she felt her new master fingering her ass with his thumb and slipping his sheathed cock into her ready lubed pussy for the first time.  He slapped her ass hard then reached over to pull at her hair.  This didn’t seem to phase her too much as she pushed her ass back hard against him trying to take his cock deeper inside her shaven twat.


See this escort restrained then fucked only at Amateur Tied.

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Tied On Bed Blond Gets Caned And Fucked

by on Oct.17, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

Hehehe this blond with cute pigtails gets abused soooo bad in this amateur set of pictures that I spotted over at Amateur Tied.   With her legs tied open to the bed she is forced to hang over the end whilst her jeans are ripped down her legs exposing her ass and pussy.  Her ass gets caned over and over again by this fine thin wooden stick which cracks down upon her exposed flesh with a wonderful cracking sound.  She winced and yelped with pain after each strike.


Positioning himself behind her he inserted his cock and reached down to yank hard on her pigtails as his cock filled her tight pussy.  Her arms came up off the floor and her entire upper body weight was suspended by her pigtails and she moaned loudly and screamed with pain.  Her hair began to rip free from her scalp as he fucked her yet harder and harder before unloading a mammoth sized cumshot over her pussy and asshole!

This set of pictures was so fucking hot you really do owe it yourselves to check out the full set at Amateur Tied.

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Table Slave Untied Then Fucked

by on Oct.17, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

Released from her bonds to perform useful service as a table slave this sexy amateur bondage submissive is about to get fucked real good by her master who positions himself behind her and slips his cock straight into her plump pussy.  The stupid bitch moved though causing his cigarettes to fall to the floor. For this her ass was slapped hard making her butt cheeks glow red as he continued to fuck her pumping his cock deep into her shaven twat.


Ianto posted the full set of pictures of his bound slave getting fucked over at Amateur Tied.

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Tied And Chained Slave Bitch Gets Whipped Then Fucked

by on Oct.17, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

DAMN! This slave gets punished hard in this awesome set of amateur bondage pictures. With her wrists tied a chain is then attached to her.  She is then forced to bend over and eat dog food whilst an absolutely brutal looking whip is cracked down hard upon her exposted chubby ass repeatedly. It welts up and her master discards the whip in favour of the palms of his hands which he rains down upon her already swollen ass slapping and spanking it harder and harder before finally freeing his cock from his underwear and fucking her deep in the ass and pussy!  With a face full of dog food and an ass full of cock this slave is left humiliate and abused by her Dom.  Fantastic hard amateur bondage!


You owe it to your cock to get over to Amateur Tied and check out this crazy hard amateur bondage photo set.

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Bondage Girl Gets Tits Tied Then Fucked

by on Oct.11, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

This hot BDSM loving girlfriend has been blindfolded and strapped tight to her bed by her wrists and ankles with thick leather straps.  Her boobs have then been tied tight with thick string and then bound again with heavy elastic bands causing her tits to swell massively to the point where her nipples look like they will pop right off her boobs!


She was then fucked hard with a huge dildo that her master also likes to use to punish her tight asshole with when she has been exceptionally naughty! Her lingerie was almost ripped from her body as he smashed her cunt harder and harder with the toy just as she was about to cum he stopped.  Whipping out his cock he began masturbating all over the tied girl rubbing his cock against her skin dribbling precum onto her lips and slapping her tied swollen tits with his hard on.  Then he exploded all over her bound breasts and  his captive smiled as she felt his salty fluids gushing over her highly sensitive tightly bound tits.

You can see the whole encounter over at Amateur Tied.

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Hog Tied Girl Gets Fucked Hard

by on Oct.05, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

Christmas came early for Dave when this gorgeous young whore turned up at his motel room.  He had seen a pic of her but was impressed at how hot she was.  Previously when he had hired girls for his bondage sex sessions he says he had always had to make do with a fat girl.  This one however was a genuinely impressive piece of ass.  After a few words of introduction Dave produced his bondage toolkit and took some lengths of white rope and began to hog tie this girl on the bed even taken the time to bind the heels of her shoes.

hog tied bitch gets fucked

Once satisfied with his handiwork he shot some great pictures before unfastening his flies and skull fucking this eighty dollar whore deep in the mouth, taking pictures as he did so.  As he pulled her head by her hair on and off his cock he could hear her begin to gag as his cock filled her mouth and throat. He pulled away and then released the bonds joining her wrists to her ankles.  He rolled her over onto her back and forced his cock between her legs and into her pussy. She felt so tight because she was unable to open her legs and he felt her whimper as she came from the forceful nature of his fucking.

See what happened when Rob tied down this dirty little whore only at Amateur Tied.

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Captive Blonde Teen Girl Gets Tied Then Fucked

by on Oct.05, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

This eighteen year old blonde slut likes to turn tricks for some of the guys she knows and she is Rob’s regular plaything of choice.  He says she is nervous about being with an older man but she is trusting (or in desperate need of cash lol) and allows him to blindfold her, gag her, tie her and generally use and abuse her like a good little fuck slut. See how he gropes those lovely pert puffy nipped titties?  Very hot.

Blonde girl blindfolded tied and fucked

This session ended with this girl being tied roughly and spanked with a paddle whilst Rob took pics of her glowing red ass which was beginning to welt from the punishment he had inflicted on it.  Not satisfied with that though Rob felt the need to fuck this girl whilst she was tied so slipped himself inside her bareback and proceeded to fill her juicy little pussy with his jism.

This full encounter is available for download at Amateur Tied.

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Blindfolded Milf Gets Tied And Fucked

by on Oct.05, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

This blonde slutty mom sucks a wicked cock as she gets blindfolded, tied up, paraded round on a leash and then finally, fucked. Known only by her handle “enslaved” this slut always appears with a blindfold in an attempt to maintain her anonymity.  Rumour has it that she is a well known female attourney though the jury is most definitely still out on that one.  Regardless she always appears with the same master who regularly posts updates from their BDSM loving sex lives over at Amateur Tied.  One of the most active couples its always great to see this blonde cock loving whore tied up and being fucked by her mans thick prick.

Milf tied up and fucked 

See what else these filthy fuckers have been getting up to at Amateur Tied.

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Blondie Tape Tied At Party And Fucked

by on Oct.05, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

This blonde sophomore slut drank a little too much and ended up agreeing to pose for some bondage pics.  Once tied up with tape though she was at the mercy of her horny captors.  Her brunette friend takes a seat on the sofa and fingers her pussy as the blond girl has her ass stripped bare and spanked hard by the 3 horny guys who surround her. 


Bending her over one of the guys slips a finger inside her ass and begins to frig her puckered starfish hard and fast.  She squealed and wriggled with excitement at the unexpected sensation and became aware that her pussy was now soaking wet.  “Nooooo”, she protested weakly.  Now the guys removed their shorts and stood around her all with cocks hard and eager to get some action.  Queuing up they begin to take turns with her, fucking her deep in the ass and in her soaked cunt.  Once happy that she had been properly fucked by all three of them they stood around their blonde tied victim and delivered a vast bukkake facial all over her.  She squealed as the cum from three guys filled her eyes nose and mouth.  A loud moan came from the sofa as her friend came loudly.  Afterwards they giggled and joked about what they had done then unbeknownst to the girls involved, the guys decided to post the pics online hehe.

Share more hot bondage experiences at Amateur Tied.

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Girl Tied And Gagged On Toilet Then Fucked

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

Hands bound behind her back and duct tape across her mouth this lovely looking nineteen year old has no choice but to comply with her masters demands.  First he forces her to piss then pulls her off the bowl midflow. Now on her hands and knees on the floor she attempts to hold on to her piss but he makes it impossible by finger fucking her pussy hard  She let out a gasp and then pissed herself all over the floor.

Her master hoisted her to her feet then turned her around and forced her down in to the bath. Her head banged against the inside of the bath as she had no free hands with which to protect herself.  Suddenly she felt the sensation of her masters cock being forced inside her pussy which was still dripping wet with piss.

Her head banged against the bath again as he fucked her harder and deeper. She felt him stiffen and heard him let out a low moan as he ejaculated deep inside her.  She heard him refasten his belt and jeans and leave the room. She collapsed to her knees and attempted to catch her breath.  This kind of hard bondage sex was new to her and though she had agreed to being tied up the intensity which which she had been fucked by her master had taken her by suprise…


See this bondage newbie tied, fucked and abused by her boyfriend over at Amateur Tied.

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Girlfriend Handcuffed Then Fucked In The Ass

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

No rope here but still a great set of pics for us bondage fans from this hot young couple.  Sam cuffs Lea’s hands behind her back then forces her face down deep into their mattress as he proceeds to fuck her deep in the ass with his long hard cock.  This bitch squealed and squirmed having expected to be fucked doggy style in the pussy. Sam resisted her struggles though his hands holding her firmly in place as he continued to fuck her in the ass until he unloaded a thick creamy bolt of man gravy into her tight little shit hole


Sam and Lea are regular contributors at Amateur Tied so if you want to stay up to date with their sexual shenanigans then you will need to find their pictures over there.  They indulge in many forms  of bondage sex and bdsm and there are many hot pics of these guys hard at work shooting hot amateur bondage porn for the rest of us to enjoy.

Check them and the other Amateur Tied contributors out today!

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