Tied and Fucked

Duct Taped, Tits Tied And Waiting To Be Fucked

by on Oct.04, 2010, under Tied And Fucked

Wow this hot tattooed sub looks fucking fantastic with her big young tits tied up tight with duct tape and a huge thick duct tape gag covering her face.  Look at that wet pussy as she spreads her legs and waits to be fucked! Gotta say guys I am LOVING Alt.Com as a source of amateur bondage pictures. Plus There is always the option of contacting these delicious submissive sluts and other likeminded BDSM loving folks. I have made a few great contacts in my first month on the site and am definitely looking forward to making many more. Hopefully my first meet will be taking place next week! Rest assured I will be posting pics of what happens!

duct taped waiting to be fucked

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Young Girlfriend Strapped Tight To Bed Ready To Be Fucked

by on Aug.04, 2010, under Tied And Fucked

Damn I would love to be the lucky bastard who go to fuck this gorgeous bitch after tying her firmly to her bed with some thick leather straps… Thank fuck he posted her pics online at My Bound Wife to share with the entire bondage community. Good work fella!

girlfriend strapped to bed and fucked

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Tied Up Slave Girlfriend Fucked Hard At Home

by on Aug.04, 2010, under Tied And Fucked

Great tits on this tied up slave who was brutally fucked by her dominant boyfriend. I downloaded this gallery from Amateur Submissives for free along with many other amateur bondage picture sets.

tied and spread on bed then fucked

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Tied Up Girlfriend Fucked Very Hard

by on Aug.04, 2010, under Tied And Fucked

Great gallery here if you love hardcore bondage and real amateur couples.  I found it at Restrained Girls and the full set is well worth checking out. See this skinny little bitch get fucked hard whilst tied up securely to her bed. She was helpless and unable to refuse!

tied up girlfriend gets fucked hard

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Slave Girl In Leather Collar Rides A Cock

by on Jul.16, 2010, under Tied And Fucked

This bound slut has been tied up with heavy fabric straps and collared with a giant leather collar. After parading the bitch around her master sat down in his favourite armchair and yanked his slave’s leash then commanded her to suck his cock before fucking him.  See the full scene in high def video only at Hustler’s Taboo 

leather collar bound and fucked

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Tied And Gagged GF About To Get Fucked

by on Jul.12, 2010, under Tied And Fucked

Gagged with a thick leather strap and with her hands tied securely behind her back this helpless girl is about to be used and abused in a round of vicious bondage sex. Download the pics and movies at Rough18 now!

gagged and fucked real hard

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Bound Girlfriend Gets Fucked Hard On Bed

by on Jul.12, 2010, under Tied And Fucked

This blond GF loves the bondage lifestyle and enjoys nothing more than to be tied up and fucked by anyone willing to dominate her. You can see this young slut in action at Rough18.

bound and fucked on bed

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Slave Girl Loves To Be Tied And Fucked

by on Jul.12, 2010, under Tied And Fucked

This young slave girlfriend loves being treated like a dog, collared put on a leashed bent over and fucked hard.  Visit rough18 for more dirty young bondage sex today.

BDSM slave being fucked

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Tied Up On Floor Then Fucked In Ass With A Metal Bar

by on Jul.12, 2010, under Tied And Fucked

Damn, amateur bondage has rarely looked so brutal as in these great pics found at Restrained Girls.  Tied up securely on the floor with her nipples chained this slave wife was fucked brutally with a metal bar first in her  cunt and then in her ass. Home bondage has rarely been so extreme!

fucked with a metal bar

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Handcuffed Submissive Fucked By Lesbian Friend

by on Apr.13, 2010, under Tied And Fucked

This sluts dominant boyfriend handcuffed his sub slave to her bed and then encouraged her lesbian friend to take advantage of her. The thought of this young slut restrained and helpless was too much for the gorgeous lesbo to resist and she clambered on top quickly thrusting her breasts into the mouth of her restrained girlfriend. Meanwhile her friends BF sat back wanking his cock furiously and shooting a whole set of pictures which he would later post at My Bound Wife once he had watched his submissive slave girlfriend be fucked hard by her lesbian friend.


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Hog Tied Blond Girl Was Fucked By Machine

by on Dec.15, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

Nobody does extreme bondage sex like the guys at Disgraced18. Take this set of pictures for example, this stunning blond slut thought she would try her hand at BDSM modelling but boy was she suprised when she was taken to the garden hogtied, gagged with a homemade ballgag and then fucked hard in the mouth, ass and pussy by a robotic dildo which pounded her brutally until she screamed.


All the while her three male doms goaded and tormented her. Slapping and spanking her ass, clamping her tits and pulling hard on the bonds which tied her securely in place.  A tear rolled down her face as she began to cry as the machine fucked her harder and deeper in the ass than any man possibly could.  Hardcore Bondage sex at 400 rpm?  Ouch! Few girls have ever taken as extreme punishment as this blond is subjected too.  Who can blame her for being weak kneed by the end lol.

Download the full set of pictures and the full videos of this outdoor bondage encounter only at Disgraced 18 where you can see hundreds of girls being humiliated and abused by the sickest male doms in the business!

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Tied Up With Bondage Tape Then Fucked By Two Male Doms

by on Dec.15, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

Hahahaha, check out the look on this slave bitch’s face as she realises the full horror of what is about to happen to her, tied up tight with bondage tape her wrists were handcuffed and a giant rubber cock stuffed deep into her pussy fucking her at the exact moment that her second tormentor ripped back her cheeks and applied a brutal looking fish hook to the submissive slut.


She squealed and tried to scream but her cries for help were muffled by the fingers of her male dom.  He held her eyes open and forced her to watch the grotesque site of the other male dom penetrating her tight little snatch and fucking her deep.  I am positive that this girl has NEVER EVER been fucked this way before haha 😀 These pictures have to be seen to be believed as does the movies!

If your a fan of hardcore extreme bondage and BDSM then head over to Disgraced18 and check out the masters of perverse humilation at work.  Their videos are so fucking awesome I personally can’t get enough!

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Tied Up Slave Got Gagged And Fucked Deep In The Ass

by on Dec.12, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

This hot young woman couldn’t have imagined what lay in store for her when she turned up for a shoot with the sick bastards that run Disgraced18.  As soon as she had signed the paperwork she was led to the studio and then totally abused and humiliated.  They tied this newly enslaved bitch and forced her to the floor before stuffing her mouth with a pink ballgag and taking it in turns to fuck her hard from behind.  She whimpered and squealed then managed to spit out the ballgag.  One of the male doms was angered by this and spanked the disobedient cunt hard. She squealed with pain so he ripped off her necklace and then stuffed that into her mouth whilst his fellow male dom began to fuck her deep in the ass!


I love scenes of hardcore BDSM but these guys take things to the EXTREME!  I kinda feel sorry for some of the girls that they end up humiliating but then at the same time I get so fucking turned on I just have to beat off.  If only my spunk could end up on her face just like theirs did!

Download the video of this fucked up Bondage session only at Disgraced18.

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Tied Up, Abused, Fish Hooked And Then Fucked

by on Dec.09, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

Hahaha, this slave slut got punished bad in this amazing set of extreme bondage pictures.  I have only seen a handful of people take the amount of abuse that this submissive bitch did in this set from Disgraced18.  Even better there is a video to go with it which shows perfectly just how much abuse those sick fucks can dish out to their unsuspecting eighteen year old victims.  Once tied up they are tortured and punished mercilessly before being fucked or facialised by two or sometimes three twisted male doms.


When the ballgag popped out of her mouth allowing her to breathe more clearly she thought her ordeal was coming to an end but there was no chance of that.  Gripping her head hard from behind he twisted her neck and stuffed his fingers into her mouth yanking back on her cheeks and fish hooking her expertly as he simultaneously shoved his erect cock deeper into her tight dry little pussy.  She tried to scream but just let out a gargled yelp as he pumped deeper into her before filling her cunt with his cum.

If you want to see girls being abused and humiliated then Disgraced18 is the only place to go. These submissive sluts have never experienced BDSM like this before. Absolutely brutal!

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18 Year Old Slave Got Tied Then Fucked Brutally

by on Dec.09, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

Holy crap this blond slave girl got abused fucking bad when she turned up for a shoot with the fucked up crew over at Disgraced18!  They tied her up and then chained her legs open wide before two of them took it in turns to punish, fuck and generally abuse her.  Check out this crazy pic of her her gagging and choking on this thick cock as she is subjected to a brutal piledriver blowjob and teabagging combo!


Meanwhile the second Dom amused himself by fucking her tight little pussy with a pneumatic fucking machine with a huge dildo attached to it.  Her cunt had never been fucked so hard in her life im sure.  After torturing the tied up slut for over an hour they finally cut her free and she fled for the door. No doubt she cried herself to sleep that night the stupid fucking whore hehe 😉

Get over to Disgraced18 and see this fucked up shit for yourself. I’ve been a BDSM fan for years but these guys take humiliation and punishment to a whole new fucking level!

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Hot Blond In Leather Restraints Gets Fucked Hard

by on Dec.05, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

Blindfolded and bound with thick leather restraints that chained her ankles to her wrists this slut wife is mercilessly fucked and punished by her dominant male partner.  He slams her tight pussy with a huge black rubber cock before pulling the dildo out and clubbing her with it repeatedly. He then unfastens his jeans and proceeds to fuck his captive slut whilst she screams with pain and pleasure whilst laid out on her kitchen table!


I found this hot slut whilst surfing over at Restrained Girls, its a new site but rammed full of free daily updated galleries so I figured I should share the tip with you guys 🙂

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Girlfriend Tied To Bed And Blindfolded Gets Fucked Hard

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

This blindfolded girlfriend has had her limbs tied to the four corners of her bed and is wearing a blindfold so that she can’t see what her perverse Dom has in store for her. Running his fingers along the length of her body he salivated to himself at the prospect of what was to come. He allowed himself to indulge for a moment lightly frigging his captive’s pussy before moving up her body to pinch her nipples hard tweaking and twisting them whilst his bound submissive winced with pain.


Removing his clothes he positioned himself over and pushed his cock into her still dry pussy. She gasped at the uncomfortable sensation of being fucked at such an early stage.  She tried to adjust herself underneath him but her master placed his hand around her throat and gripped her holding her in place as he continued to fuck her dry pussy. She writhed and tried to escape but was unable too.  She was forced to wait until her Dom had finished fucking and finally, spunked his load inside her before her ordeal was over.

You can see the submitted pics from this bondage couple at Amateur Tied.

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Tied Up Slave Gets Fucked Hard With Big Dildo

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

With her legs tied high in the air and her hands handcuffed to the frame of her bed this slave girl is left totally exposed and helpless as her master takes pictures of her gaping cunt and asshole.  Reaching for her favourite dildo he slams it into her hard filling her pussy as he rams it in to the hilt. He pulled it back out and again slammed it deep inside her juicy pussy which by now was totally soaked.  She may be in a humiliating predicament but this slave slut gets off on being dominated by her man and even loves his more sadistic side as he regularly tortures and punishes her which she laps up like an obedient little slave fuck slut.


See all the pictures from these BDSM fans only at Amateur Tied.

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Girl Tied To A Tree, Fucked, And Takes A Bukkake

by on Oct.24, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

This filthy slut was more than willing to take part in this outdoors gangbang in a park.  Four men surround her after tying her to the trunk of this tree.  They each fidget with their own cocks, wanking off around her before pulling her panties to the side and fucking her with their fingers.  The lead male turns her round and fucks her hard against the tree before pushing her to the ground as the group close around her wanking themselves off furiously before erupting in unison and showering her with masses of warm fresh ejaculate!


See this tied up submissive slut take a bukkake at Amateur Tied.

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Sexy Wife Tied Up In Harness Then Fucked

by on Oct.24, 2009, under Tied And Fucked

With leather straps around her ankles and ropes tying and hoisting her legs open high and wide this slut enslaved and restrained wife prepares herself for her masters cock.  She can’t wait for him to fuck her and fuck her hard he does. You can see all the pictures submitted by this amateur bondage couple only at Amateur Tied.


There are many more enslaved wives living in bondage and photographed at Amateur Tied

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